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Welcome to the PRIDE! If ever you have a question regarding activities or athletics, please don't hesitate to call or contact Mr. Mattingly, the Activities Director of Lansing USD#469.  


Interscholastic activities are an integral part of the total school educational program. Activities provide educational experiences not otherwise provided in the curriculum. Learning outcomes are developed in the areas of knowledge, skills, and emotional matters as well as the contribution to the development of better citizens.

A great tradition is not built overnight – it takes the hard work and dedication of many individuals over many years. As a member of an activity, the participant has certain responsibilities to uphold.



We would like to think of student participants as being someone special in that certain responsibilities are imposed on him/her. Students involved in activities accept these responsibilities, broaden themselves, and develop strength of character. Students owe it to themselves to get the greatest possible good from their school experiences, their studies, and their participation in school activities.  You owe it to yourself to always do whatever you do in life to the best and fullest of your ability.



By being a representative of Lansing High School in any activity, you have the responsibility to your school to always do your best and always follow the guidelines set forth. By being a role model, you are representing your school and your community.  You automatically assume a leadership role when you are on an athletic squad or any extra- or co-curricular activity. The student body and citizens of the Lansing School Community know you. You are on the stage with the spotlight on you. The student body, the community, and other communities judge our school on your conduct and attitude, both on and off school grounds. Because of this leadership role, you can contribute to our school spirit and community image. Make your school proud of you and your community proud of your school by your performance and your devotion to high ideals. The younger students are watching you. They will imitate you in many ways. Do not let them down.  Give them high ideals to copy.



This material is presented to you because your son/daughter has indicated a desire to participate in interscholastic activities, and you have expressed your willingness to permit him/her to participate. Your family interest in our activity program is gratifying. We are concerned with the educational development of our students through activities and feel a properly controlled, well-organized program must meet the student’s needs. When your son/daughter chose to participate in our activity program, he/she committed our staff to certain responsibilities and obligations:
• to provide adequate equipment and facilities;
• to provide training in the fundamentals and skills of the activity;
• to provide trained personnel to supervise the activity; and
• to provide contests controlled by qualified officials.
• as parents of students who have chosen to participate in the extracurricular activities of LHS, you have also committed yourself to certain responsibilities and obligations. Among those duties are:
• to support your son/daughter;
• to support the program;
• to support the training and behavior rules set forth; and
• to support the rules of good sportsmanship.
• to provide natural outlets for students desiring to participate on teams in competition with other schools.




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