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The Lansing High School Site Council is an advisory group made up of teachers, parents and community leaders.  This group of dedicated individuals works very hard to support Lansing High School students and staff.

Please email LHS Principal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in serving on the LHS Site Council or for more information regarding LHS Site Council. 



LHS Site Council - What, Why, Who, When and Where PDF (posted 3-30-2018)

Helpful Education Related Acronyms PDF (posted 3-30-2018)

KESA Fact Sheet PDF (posted 3-30-2018)





April 30, 2018 Agenda PDF

Bylaw Amendments April 30, 2018 PDF

Old Bylaws Dated 2013 PDF

Staff Luncheon After Event Report April 30, 2018 PDF

Hot Topic-FINAL VOTE on Bylaws- which will allow identification on April 30 of current members requesting re-appointment for 2019-2019 so members can be approved by the Bd of Ed ASAP to enable the Site Council to start next year in September vs. after Thanksgiving.

Hot Topic- Report on LHS's first accreditation visit by state-appointed team on April 17.

Hot Topic-As follow-up on discussions re: iPAD usage, parent Carla Wiegers has offered to research and present recent scientifically-conducted studies in this area.

Hot Topic- Special Presentation- Teaching as a Career class has asked to present a 'welcome packets' presentation that they have created.


March 12, 2018 Agenda PDF

March 12, 2018 Minutes PDF

Teacher Luncheon Chair Elaine Belardo provided an after-event report of the very successful luncheon (attached).  Discussion of potential changes to Graduation dates/times for future years wrapped up.  Discussion of iPad usage, impact of online time (including Friday 11:59 suspense), cell phone usage, and stopping online cheating led to offer of parent Carla Wiegers to research impact of online time on students.  Site Council website should be active any day.  Accreditation update included note of first LHS state accreditation visit under KESA on April 17.  Changes to a draft of Bylaws dated from 2013 were discussed at length, modified, with a preliminary vote to accept all amendments as discussed.  IAW the Bylaws, the pending amendments are included in these minutes (but located with the April 30 Agenda on the website) to expedite the final vote on April 30.

Hot Topic-  New Apple Classroom program will aid in many areas, including the detection of any online cheating,

Hot Topic-First state-level Accreditation visit April 17.

Hot Topic- Bylaw finalization will allow identification of returning 2017-18 Site Council members at April 30 meeting to ensure 2018-2019 Council can be approved by Bd. of Ed. in time to meet in Sep.  vs. this year's after Thanksgiving initial meeting.


February 5, 2018 Agenda PDF

Synopsis for Feb 5 Minutes.      

Elaine Belardo provided update on Site Council-hosted Staff Meal on Feb 8, 2018.  Advisability of Site Council recommending future LHS Graduation Date & Time discussed.  Principal Dike did not request a vote, but majority of Council felt setting future Graduation times now not necessary since other school-sponsored events only conflict with the Saturday am time about every three years.  Council voted to focus this year on the goal of improving communication between Council & staff, students, parents & community by activating a Site Council web section & email on LHS Website including Hot Topics, what the Site council is and why it started; how the Council can impact LHS's accreditation, etc.

Other topics discussed:  iPad & phone policies & rationale of 11:59 pm Friday homework deadlines.

Hot Topic – Look under Parent Information on LHS Website for new Site Council webpage & email.


December 18, 2018 Minutes PDF

Synopsis for Dec 18 Minutes.

Officers were elected [President- Anne E. Ehrsam-Holland; Vice President:  Laurie Wilk; Secretary: Carla Wiegers; District Site Council Representative: Kelly Penfield] & the Chairman, Site Council-sponsored Staff Luncheon [Elaine Belardo].  Asst. Principal Nick Gray & LHS Social Worker Katie Hess (Co-coordinators- new Career Cruising student program) gave a comprehensive overview.

Hot Topic- LHS Graduation time may switch every 2-3 years to deconflict school-related events.

Hot Topic- New Career Cruising program for students offers help with choosing careers, building resumes, course planning, & more. Parents can access!

Hot Topic-  Staff feels move from previous Finals Exemption Policy is a success.  The positive effect the old policy had on attendance had been outweighed by the negative aspects- bullying & inappropriate sense of entitlement by some students exempt from exams. New policy better preparation for college.


November 20, 2017 Agenda PDF

November 20, 2017 Minutes PDF

Synopsis for Nov 20 Minutes.

At first meeting of the 2017-18 Council, Principal Dike identified new staff & change of LINC Program location.  Teacher Christina Hoverson (also Kansas Education Systems Accreditation Faculty Rep.) discussed the role of the Council regarding School Accreditation.

Hot Topic -LHS Graduation time changed from morning to 6:00 pm, May 19, 2018










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